Balguard at the races

Balguard are proud to sponsor Seth Hayward’s nice motor cross gear. His latest Bike saw him get a third place.

Balcony Decking Replacement

Come and talk to Balguard Engineering for your decking replacement requirements. Now is the time if you have non-compliant wooden or composite decking in your estate or on your property.

51 Live Sites

A wide range of works are taking place including balconies, architectural balustrading, structural steel, balcony decking replacement and hand-rails.

Plastic Waste Recycling

Balguard Engineering are working with a team of sustainability scientists to manufacture Life-Cycle cubes for plastic recycling in the motor sport industry.

Balcony Replacement in London

Balguard have entered into contract with a prominent London Property Management company to complete balcony decking replacement of apartment complexes in Wembley and Hammersmith.